Comparing a pocket sized camera to a professional DSLR camera - Which video camera is best for busy entrepreneurs and busy mommas?

When I first began filming footage for my business I felt that I NEEDED the best of the best camera equipment. However, over the years I realized that I was always juggling 345 things at the same time and if the process and workflow wasn’t simple for me, I wouldn’t stick to it. After years of failed filming because my Canon IDX was just too big and too expensive to lug around with me, I decided to give this pocket sized camera a try.

What I needed to film was the everyday behind the scenes stuff to use to fill in the gaps for my content marketing. Something I could quickly use to grab footage. The problem with using my phone is that in order for it to be smooth footage, I’d need to grab a gimble and connect it to my phone and by the time I did that, the moment had passed and it was too late.

Check out the video I made below where I compare both my $5,000 camera to this $350 camera.


The verdict is this - I LOVE THE POCKET OSMO!

It sits in my small purse ready at a moments notice to grab and go. It’s smooth footage with slo-mo capabilities and hyper time lapse makes it versatile for all my creative needs as a mom AND business content creator.

Have any questions about it? Feel free to leave it in the comments and I’ll answer them for you ASAP.

What is YOUR go - to camera? Let me know in the comments below!

Purchase your own Pocket Osmo here:

Or go all out and get the Canon 1dx here:


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