How to find your Biz BFF?

How to find your Biz BFF?

What the heck is your Biz BFF? For those of you that don’t have one, you need to get on this ASAP.


A Biz BFF is your female entrepreneur bestie that you can geek out with when it comes to all things entrepreneurship/marketing.  You go to conferences together, you talk marketing ideas, discuss podcasts and books you’ve recently heard or read and you send each other empowering quotes and memes all day.

Honestly, these women are the type of people I connect deeply with. They GET me and they GET the struggles I deal with when it comes to balance, motivation, drive, ambition and reaching for goals that seem unattainable.

If you haven’t found your own Biz BFF don’t worry, she’s there waiting for you to meet her.  Once you meet her, you will feel your world shift having someone that GETS you and you two will help each other push through the everyday distractions to help each other realize the potential you each have.  Sometimes it takes someone else that believes in you and is cheering you on for you to tap into that potential.  Sometimes you don’t realize it’s there, and as soon as you do, you’re unstoppable.

Shout out to my own business besties, Natalie and Virginia for always supporting me, cheering me on, and challenging me to continue reach higher and higher and tap into my true potential as a human here on Earth striving to make the biggest possible impact in this world.