Having a say in what I allow to enter my brain

Have you ever drove past someone that honked at you because they didn’t like something you did on the road (cut them off accidentally or didn’t use your blinker, etc)?

What’s your first reaction usually?  

If you’re like most people you turn to look at them as they go speeding pass you.  And what’s the next thing you see as they are angrily speed pass you? More than likely it seems that there’s a hand shaking fist with a specific finger usually sticking out.

What comes next?  If you’re the calm type, you’re apologizing and thinking about how bad you now feel.  If you’re the heated type you start screaming back at the car (even if it was your fault, you’re upset at the way they reacted).

This is exactly why anytime I hear a honking horn at something I may have done, or even THEY did, I choose to NEVER make eye contact or look their way.  I decided from an early driving age that I wasn’t going to allow someone else to dictate how I would feel as I’m driving.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fairly good driver.  But there was always be that person that didn’t think I gave them enough time for my turn signal or they wanted 5 car lengths versus two car lengths to stop before the stop light.  I’ve decided by not looking at them, I get 100% control in what I allow into my brain and this includes no fist shaking angry man screaming curse words through his window.  

This also flows into my everyday life regarding what I watch and don’t watch on tv, or which articles I click on.


I consider myself an empath.  I feel a lot.  And when I feel something, it stays with me for longer than what is healthy for me to function on a productive level.  Knowing this about myself I’ve chosen to take control of the words and pictures that I allow into my brain.

Certain types of people I have to stay away from, not because they are bad people, but the way they make me feel aren’t healthy or good for me.  Certain conversations I have to avoid because I know how they affect me and my mental and physical being.

I want to invite you to take a more active role in what and who you choose to affect you and your emotional/physical state of being.  Having a more proactive role versus a reactive role has given me the control that has allowed me to transform my life and the trajectory of my business.  Don’t feel bad for saying “no” to certain people, shows, articles, or events that don’t make you feel or do better for yourself and your life.  

I want to also make a note and say, I’m not advising you to only allow happy things in your life and block out all the negative.  But I am suggesting for you to be okay with controlling it more.  It’s just like the oxygen masks on the airplanes.  You must take care of yourself before being able to take care of anyone else.  

What situation have you recently been in that you wish you could have went back and not even participated in (could be as simple as reading a certain article, seeing a certain show/photo, attended a specific event)? Let me know in the comments, do you protect what enters your mind?