The Ticketing System - How we "Self Motivate" our children

Is it next to impossible to get your kids off their ipads and outdoors? How often do you have to BEG them to clean their room? Or to get dressed in the morning - especially when they are moving at sloth like speeds.

I felt like I was continously asking my kids to do the same things every morning and than fighting with them in the afternoon/evenings to stay off their devices.

Until I started thinking like a marketer. I know, it’s sad, but it’s how my brain thinks.  If I was trying to incentivize my clients to do something and after asking them time after time, I’d have to give them a reason to WANT to take action.

So, like any good marketer….er parent, I implemented a new ticketing system.  What is this exactly? So glad you asked!

I decided to revoke access to their iPad until they could “pay for it”.  

Obviously, I wasn’t collecting money from them, but rather these new tickets that would grand them up to an hour of time on their device.  I also  gave them the ability to trade in the time for money if they wanted to save it up and cash it in.

It was instantaneous that they began taking action on doing their “tasks” in the morning - brush their teeth, fix their bed, get dressed and eat breakfast all within 20 minutes - otherwise they wouldn’t be able to earn their ticket (with the ability to earn only one ticket a day).  

I ALSO saw an immediate change in behaviour when it came to what they CHOSE to do with their time after school.  They would carefully decide if they wanted to “cash in” their ticket or save it for the weekend or to cash in to buy something.

My husband and I were now spending our mornings getting dressed more peacefully with Alexa giving them their time remaining reminders in the morning and Alexa letting them know how much “device time left” when they would go to cash in their time in the evening. So we aren’t spending our time nagging them and fighting with them.

Seriously has been an amazing game changer here in the Dastour Martinez household.

What are some things YOU do to get your kids to do what you want them to do without losing your hair or sanity?  Share some of your tips / stories in the comments!

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