Speak up GIRL - My advice to my 5 year old self

Give yourself permission to let your voice be heard-

I see it again and again. The continual fear of looking stupid and feeling like we are trying to show off. It’s the number one reason women don’t want to show up on film, take photos of themselves or even speak up at a meeting.

I’m not going to sit here on a pedestal though and tell you how easy it is. If anything, I’m right here in the pulpit with you trying to figure it all out myself. They say it’s all about confidence. They say you need to just keep showing up in order to get over the fear. So that’s exactly what I’m doing.

However, it’d be a flat out lie if I told you that I have it figured out and every time I hit that Facebook Live button I felt confident or when I stepped out on the stage I felt that I am perfectly ready to present.

As scared as I am and as scared as you are it’s important that we just do the thing. To understand that our message and our voice is important enough for us to speak through that fear. We must show up with our heart pounding through our chest because we are worth it. Our message is worth it and representing the thousands out there that are just like us is worth it.

I’m not saying men don’t suffer from it too - I know they do. But I always seem to find more women that are SO fearful that they will hold themselves back.

It’s time.

It’s time we look that fear in the eye. It’s time we pep talk ourselves just as we would pep talk a 5 year old version of us and say -

“Listen Girl, you are worth so much more than you give yourself credit for. I believe in you. And please sweet sweet girl know that just by showing up and giving it a shot you are one step closer to getting all the things in life you so deserve.”

Do the things that scare you so that you can wake up every day feeling proud that you are growing towards the best version of yourself tackling the insecurities - not getting rid of them - but rather looking them in the eye and giving that 5 year old little girl a fighting chance to be who she believed she could “when she grew up”.

Believe that her voice is important enough, that her beliefs are strong enough, and that she is enough to see the success she has been practicing every since her “make belief” days as a child.