My Photo Workflow for my own Photos & Client Photoshoots

I remember in the beginning how hard it was to FIND photos that I had taken a few months prior.  My hard drive was always a hot mess and it seemed almost ridiculous when it came to how much time I would spending trying to locate a photo.

This was something that continued to happen again and again until I finally put an end to the madness and declared that I needed a system to keep me organized.

So here’s how I break it down for myself when I’m organizing my photos for business and personal use.

Step 1: Immediately upload photos through lightroom using a naming system that starts with the date (yearmonthdate_event/client name). So example would be “190423_smith” and this would mean the client Smith photographed on April 23rd 2019. By creating the date this way your photos will appear in chronological order…AND it would be easy because we could look up the date the client booked on the calendar and easily find their photos.

Step 2: I would than go through lightroom and one star my favorite images I want to do something with. If I selected too many photos, I’ll do a second round and two star them to get the number down to a smaller number.

Step 3: My next step is to apply the lightroom corrections (lightroom presets) to the photo set to give them the look I’m going for.

Step 4: Export the selected / corrected images into their own folder that is within the original folder of images so that the images are all kept in one place. This makes it easier for me to find them later as I can look within the same folder to find the selected images.

That’s essentially my 4 step process in keep my photos organized to make it easy for me to access later and send to clients and for myself.

What are your favorite programs/software to use for photo/video storage/organization?

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