How To Travel with Friends - 3 Tips for Success

Family Vacation-

Why you should go on vacation with friends. You get to save money on splitting the costs, the kids are entertained and you won’t hear the “but Mom, I’m bored” because they have friends to play with 24/7 AND you have a built in babysitter in case you want to go out for a run with your spouse or go out for the night.

Here’s my top three tips on going on a vacation with friends -

Tip # 1. Make sure you set ground rules before you leave.  If your family and your friend’s family have different rules it can get kinda messy.  Example - the first day of vacation my kids were eating 3 ice cream sandwiches a day while Virginia’s kids were only allowed to eat one ice cream sandwich a day.  You can imagine how upset her kids were to watch as my kids sat in front of  them gobbling all the ice cream sandwiches.  Mind you, normally their rule is only one ice cream a day at home, but on vacation rules seem to change.  

Same thing with bedtime.  After day two we realized we needed to set the same bed time for all of the kids so that they aren’t arguing over why “so and so” gets to go to bed so late even though they are younger than you are.

“But Moooommmmmmm Ms. Aliyah’s kids get to go to sleep at 9!!!!”

Tip #2. Figure out the sleeping arrangements so that if your children wake up at 6 am and your friends aren’t necessarily morning people their room isn’t right next to the kids room. Let’s just say Raymond and I got the sweet end of the deal as Virginia’s room was upstairs right next to all the kids bedrooms. As much as I tried to get the three year old to keep his voice down in the morning, there was only so many times hushing him actually worked.

Tip #3. If you have younger kids, try to plan on cooking at home (so make sure your house/hotel rooms have a kitchen). It was the best experience being able to hang out all week at the Air BnB and cook from home pretty much the whole week. As someone who is cooking illiterate, it was awesome to try my hand at cooking a meal with everyone else taking turns cooking. In the end, we were all eating healthier and saved money by not eating out.

There you have it.

Have YOU ever travelled with friends? Is it something you can see yourself doing in the future? If so, let me know how your experience went and any other tips YOU can share for it go as smoothly and successful as possible!