Have it your way - Dieting and marketing aren't that much different

There is something that holds us back.  Whether it's fear or pure laziness, I feel like there is always an excuse that stops me from doing something that I want to do.

I've been on a weight loss journey for the past 5 years.  Or it feels that way at least.  However, I've finally discovered the secret for me to lose weight.  

I need rules.  I need consistency.  I need boundaries.  

I've recently started putting a rule on when I can eat and when I need to stop.  This will be a lifestyle change versus a "diet".

By not eating food in the evening, I am eliminating all the evening binging on snack foods and eating dinner when I'm not even hungry.  It might sound crazy or a little strict, but that's how I stick to things.  I need structure, rules and consistency.  When someone tells me to eat healthy I eat "healthy" foods all the time, even when I know I shouldn't be eating them (like a whole box of almonds - no moderation here). 

So you are asking why am I divulging my personal weight loss issues with you?  Because I realize it's these tendencies that help me succeed in all areas of my life.   I'm more self aware of how to set myself up for success.

You might be the same way and might want to think about doing the same thing. Or not.  Don't just follow what every other person tells you is the right way to do it.  Do things in a way that makes you feel good and where you know you will be able to follow it in the long run.  Not just for a the next couple weeks.

Because just like any strategy, weight loss or marketing it's all about the long term success that will get the best results. If you are doing it in a way that works best for you, than you'll increase your chances of actually sticking to it.

BizAliyah Dastour