Easiest way to create original content to grow your business

You are staring at your screen, desperately trying to figure out what in the heck you want to post about this week.  You need to come up with something for Facebook, Instagram, your blog posts and possibly even YouTube or LinkedIn.

This should be easy.  But alas, an hour has passed.  Within the past hour you have not only checked out your Facebook timeline, but you have also went through Pinterest and pinned a couple of cute home interiors and kids DIY activities too.

How do you stop this from happening everytime you go to create content for your blog posts and other business platforms?


Follow these Brand & Convert tips on creating content in no time at all!

Go at it one month at a time.  So, for example, take the next 30 days and let's start there. Create a list of the four weeks and for each week, come up with a topic.  Now for each of those weekly topics, it makes it easier for you to focus on what type of content you want to create for each of your platforms you want to publish on.

So for example, if you are a realtor and your target market was college educated mothers that have at least two kids under the age of 8, you can take the month of January and split it up into four weeks and it could look something like this.

Week 1- Easy Home Decorating under $100
Week 2- Easy Clean Up Kids Activities
Week 3- Best Family Day Trips
Week 4- Easy to Pack Lunches your kids will love

Remember, you don't want to just create content about selling homes.  You want to create content that your target market is interested in reading and sharing with their friends.  

Now, with each of those weeks topics laid out, it helps keep your brain and thoughts more focused around each week.

So now we get to week one and if I don't know the answers to the topic I chose, I can do my own research online for different items that are under $100 that will easily help someone refresh the room decor.  I can than either write about it, or create a graphic representation of that blog topic.

There is another way to create amazing content if you are thinking, ummmm this is NOT something I want to go and research.  So, this is a better way to create content if you have somewhat of a network (or feel comfortable enough to reach out to people in your community). You can reach out to your favorite interior designer and do a FB Live collaboration where the designer can give those specialty tips about the topic.

You can plan a FB Live around the topic from your business page (or group) that is focused on how to decorate on a budget. Essentially, you will come up with a handful of questions, both of you will hop onto the FB Live together and you'll ask the designer questions around the topic, and even better if there is a live demonstration as well.  

Since it's on Facebook Live, your audience will have an opportunity to ask questions where you can engage with them as you are streaming live.

Once that FB interview is over, you can not only publish that video for others to watch again later, but you can actually boost the video on Facebook AND you can download the video to be repurposed.

Download the video and take the audio from it and upload it to a software called Rev.com.  This is a service that will translate the entire video into copy so that you can format it and upload it to your website as a blog post.  So now, you have an amazing original blog that will boost your SEO and drive visitors to your website.  AND you have a video you can download and use on YouTube or Linkedin as well.

Once the transcript comes back from Rev.com, you can take quotes from it and use those quotes on Instagram.  OR if you want to go the extra mile, you can send that transcript to a designer off Fiverr.com and have them create an infographic from it for you to use.  

Some tips to remember are:

1). Only plan a month - 3 months at a time because it'll give you time to see what is working and what your audience is responding to.  

2). It's important to do at least 4 weeks at a time so you can plan ahead for your topics and not get stuck on content ideas

3). If you are totally stuck on what to write about, think about your ideal client and the things they would be looking up on the internet even if they aren't actively looking to buy your product/service. 

Essentially what types of items are they even interested in?  Example - A 65 year old male CEO probably isn't looking on Pinterest for "DIY picture frames for your living room wall" but he probably IS looking up "How to Use IRA Trust to Protect your Heirs" and a 32 year old first time mom probably isn't looking up "how to find your soulmate in 3 days" but she IS probably looking up, "how to lose those last 10 lbs of baby weight while still breast feeding". 

So no matter what you are offering, think about your ideal clients and the pain points and where they are in their life as you're thinking of weekly topics.  And don't worry if they are a bit general at first.  Once you get your brain to focus a bit, you can use the breakthrough technology known as Google to do some keyword searches to see what is currently trending around that topic.

If this was super helpful for you and you want a download so you can go through it Step by Step to help you track the next 30 days of your content.  It's free and easy to use!

Please let me know in the comments below how it helps you as you start the New Year with amazingly easy and original content to help you grow YOUR business! 



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