Just another mommy photographer trying to expand her horizons...

It was one of those Fridays.  You know, where you feel on top of the world.  Full of meetings with clients and wonderful people.  It wasn't jam packed with meetings or sessions, but rather a slow kind of Friday.  

I was reading over some responses from a survey I had posted where I had asked, "What would you like to learn more about regarding personal branding".  I am writing a book, something I've been excited about doing for quite some time now.

After receiving numerous responses from this survey my eyes landed upon the next submission on my spreadsheet.

It read:

 "I'm going to be honest with you and tell you not to write the book. The market is already oversaturated with people who think they know about "personal branding." Your book would be another worthless $10 for someone to buy. You are great at your little business, but stick to that. The world does not need another photographer/branding expert. 
I realize you will take this as a challenge to keep writing your book, but please don't. Stick to what you know and leave the rest to the experts. Not some mommy photographer who wants to try to expand her horizons."

Hmmm.  Well that isn't very nice, I immediately thought.  What a mean thing to say.  I tried to just brush it off and continue on with my work.  

But I couldn't.  Those words on my screen began gnawing away at me.  "Some mommy photographer who wants to try to expand her horizons??" Really? That's all I am?  But to be honest, what's wrong with being a mother, what's wrong with being a photographer and what's wrong with wanting to expand my horizons?  After all I've been receiving questions about building an online personal brand for years now.  I've been meeting with clients to go over how to strengthen their personal brands for almost 4 years.  

As a headshot photographer I helped my clients and would consult with them before, during, and after their sessions to solidify how they wanted to be perceived.  

The more I thought about that submission, the more upset I felt.  

Don't get me wrong, I've received unpleasant email before.  Silly mean emails. Things where I can quickly delete and move on.

I'm not sure why this was any different.

But than I realized yes, I do know why.  

Lately I've been talking to more and more community members, teens, and parents about the tragedy that has been plaguing our youth and our society.  A notion of us believing that we are not enough.  

An acceptance to allow others to say whatever they want behind their screens and for us to just take it and deal with it and move on.  This mentality is not only hurting our childrens confidence and our ability to put things in perspective, but it has also made us say it's okay and expected to be mistreated like this.  Just deal with it and move on.

You know, I am going to go ahead and say no.  Not only is it not okay to do it to children, it's not okay to do it to adults either.  

As a business owner and yes, a mother, I find it unacceptable to accept mean comments such as hers.  

I posted a video about this on my facebook page and was instantly uplifted to find many comments from my Facebook community with people including previous clients, friends, and people I've never actually met before.

We, as woman business owners, mothers, wives, daughters, and community leaders have fought hard to stand tall and proud to do things we love in our life.  We must not just stop there.  

We must continue striving for more.  


Don't stay in your comfort zone.  It's funny because just a week or so before this, I posted about how I am excited to get out of my comfort zone since that's the only way to grow.  Well here I am now... growing.

This blog will be dedicated to growing, empowering, and sharing with photography tips, home and family inspiration, and business advice and how-to's.  This blog is for women entrepreneurs who are the CEO of their household and their business, no matter how big or how small that business may be.

Have you ever been discouraged in chasing your dreams? Did you listen to them or are you proving them wrong?  Share your story in the comments!


Here's to expanding our horizons together!

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