Five Ways to use Storytelling to Attract your Ideal Clients

Everyone has a story to tell.

When you have your own business, you can actually use those stories to engage with your audience.  

It's not just about sharing stories about what you ate for breakfast though.  Storytelling means you are allowing your audience to go through an experience with you that will invite them into your world.

So how exactly can you do that? 

Well, let's start with 5 different ways stories can connect you with your ideal client.

1). Stories will help you build strong relationships.  You not only build trust through your stories, but you create a bond between you and your reader/viewer.  Simply by opening up and telling stories, the viewer wants to share their experiences and stories with you.

2). Stories make it much easier for your readers/viewers to remember you.  Just like in the Biblical days, stories make it easier to pass down facts and special experiences.

3). Stories increases your value as a brand/product/service. When someone feels like your thing is more than just a thing, that it had a "life" that it was part of something bigger, than it's valued more.  Think about the American Doll series.  Those dolls each have histories and stories they are a part of.  

4). Stories allow you to be unlike any other.  While it may be easy to copy a product or even a service.  It's almost impossible to copy someone else's story.  

5). Stories make the overall experience more enjoyable.  When your viewer can become a part of the story of your product or your service, we relate to it in a way that it becomes OUR story.  This is really the overall goal of branding your business with storytelling.  You want your clients to become a part of the overall story.

So how about 5 easy stories you can start with right now?  

1). Tell me why and how your company was launched?
2). How are you and what are your values?
3). Explain to me how your product was made / Service was established?
4). Tell me the type of people you've helped and their experiences
5). What are the common fears from your clients/customers?

Where can you share these stories?
There are many places to start sharing these stories. ***Don't forget some photos/video footage to share along with it!!**

1). On LinkedIn
2). Facebook Pages/Personal Profile
3). Instagram Photos/Stories
4). Blog Articles / Guest Blogging
5). FB Live / Video Blog (VLOG)

BizAliyah Dastour