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This blog is for photographers looking to build a true business. The photographers who are tired of living a life dedicated to freelancing their entire lives. I’m dedicated to helping more photographers build a true business so they no longer have to miss out on special moments while raising their own family or get to the end of their 30 year career in photography only to realize they don’t have enough money or an asset to truly retire. Tired of the all the advice out there empowering photographers to create a life full of “creative” burn out.

I’ve built up two photography studios, made over 6 million in the last ten years, and currently, work under 4 hours a week. I wish there were more photographers who showed me this was possible when I started out so I didn’t have to find my own path. But here I am – 15 years later and I’ll show you how it’s possible. Looking for a shortcut? Be sure to join the Million Dollar Photographer Program and discover how you can get there faster.

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Discover how I went from struggling single mom to multimillion dollar photographer. “The Shoot, Burn & Prosper” lays out a framework any photographer can follow to help you break out of the feast or famine mentality and step into the Rich Life YOU deserve.

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If you’re ready to tap into social media, in-person networking events, and free organic strategies to build a continual source of leads for your business – I invite you to join my monthly coaching program where I show you what to charge, how to nurture and convert interested prospects into paying clients and how to make five figures per client.

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This is for photographers who want to build a truly profitable business. They know how to take pictures, but want to learn exactly how to build the million dollar photography studio.

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Building her multiple photography studios was no easy feat while raising three young children. Having her car repossessed, struggling to pay for coffee at networking events, choosing between getting a place to live or getting a studio to build her business — Aliyah started with only $37 in her account to build her million dollar photography studio she operates today.

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