Six Figure
Portfolio program

Give yourself permission to thrive

Before you can demand the prices you’re worth – you need a portfolio that gets them to say YES

You might know what you’re worth is as a photographer, but it’s important your clients know it as well. This coaching program will give you the framework and direct feedback to help you get your portfolio ready so you attract the RIGHT clients and they are ready to pay you what you’re worth.

The six-figure portfolio includes:

On completion of this
program, you’ll walk
away with:


the exact website framework that sells your sessions for you that you can build yourself or click “Load” and completely copy the one we use to bring in over 500K in sales every year.


Step by Step framework and modules on how to fill & run your 10K photo days with or without a studio.


The complete Plug & Play text messages, scripts & marketing playbook with over 27 guaranteed ways to fill your 10K photo days.


your automated business operations so that you are providing a five-star client experience to every client without having to hire a team to execute it.
About the Course

This course is more
than just videos


Invest in yourself
& your business

Who this course is for:

this course is for xxx

Who this course is NOT for

this isn’t for


What they say
about this program

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