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Life is too short to waste. I don’t believe money should be the reason you’re stuck working a job you hate, or not living a life you’re proud of while doing what you love. After building and running my own photography studios and making well over $5M in sales – I’ve decided to take on my next project by helping other passionate impact-driven entrepreneurs do the same.

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Discover how I went from struggling single mom to multimillion dollar photographer. “The Shoot, Burn & Prosper Photographer” lays out a framework you can follow to help you break out of the starving artist mentality and step into the Rich Life YOU deserve.

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Before you can create your $10K days, you need to have a look and portfolio to sell them on. Join this program first and together I will help you put together your six-figure portfolio. This is a step-by-step program with weekly feedback. Finally – start selling your work for what it’s worth.

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This Application only Mastermind is for the select group of photographers who are ready to transition into a true business operation so they can get their time back, semi-retire (or completely retire) while will maintaining their rich lifestyle.

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Building her multiple photography studios was no easy feat while raising three young children. Having her car repossessed, struggling to pay for coffee at networking events, choosing between getting a place to live or getting a studio to build her business — Aliyah truly started with $37 in her account to build her million dollar photography studio she operates today.

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